Tuesday, November 10, 2009


What is it you want most?
No, not materials things. What is it you want most right now? Perhaps health, security, love or belonging? Maybe what you want is to use your time more wisely. Or, to create beauty, justice or peace. To raise your children up into beautiful adults or assure your parents don't suffer pain or degradation in their old age. Perhaps you are compelled to dance, make ritual, sing or build kayaks.What is it you want most? You can choose more than one thing. It's not selfish at all.
What actions are you taking toward getting what you want, becoming who you envision yourself to be, creating the world you want to live in? If you are taking concrete action toward attaining your desire, good for you! If you aren't, let me ask you the hard questions you know is coming: Why not? When are you going to begin?
We have long lists of reasons why we are not pursuing our Highest Will. We are too busy, too broke, too wounded, too overwhelmed. We are too: tired, broken, unsupported, uneducated, disconnected, depressed, anxious and addicted. Pursuing our Highest Will--our brightest, best, most sparkling and glorious vision of ourselves and our desires--is what we are here to do. We are here to radiate the fullness of our Soul Purpose.
We are not getting any closer to it by sitting on the couch watching television or spending weekends and money at the mall. We probably aren't going to find it at the bottom of your wine glass or prescription bottle. We won't find it in any of the things we use to fill ourselves up in the places that feel empty. Those places will only stop aching when we reach for what we really want and who we Really are.
Our Highest Will, our Soul Purpose, is something that gets us up off the couch before we are aware we've moved. Every single one of us has a whole basket full of reasons for being here, in this body, at this particular point in the evolution of the human race. There is something, and maybe many things that fire up your passion. What are they? These are the reasons we live! These are the reasons we keep trudging through the daily grind--so we can get to that things that matter.
When we begin to acknowledge those reasons and place them at the center of our lives, miracles, magic and synchronicity become commonplace And each step we take toward taking responsibility and working toward bringing our Highest Vision into being, is supported by all the whole of the Cosmos.

In fact, as we step into our Highest Will, our eyes light up, our step lightens up and even our skin starts to shine! Our dullness falls away as we awaken to our gifts. And we begin to commiserate with Angels.
Right now, They are asking if we are willing to choose Love over Fear. We have turned away from our Highest Will because we have been afraid. Afraid we'd go broke or crazy or be ostracized by our families and friends. We've been afraid we'd be laughed at, rejected or turned away. We've been afraid we aren't good enough, strong enough, perfect enough to bring forth what we know in our souls is a Perfect vision.

Now is the time to love that vision more than we fear it. For more devestating than our worst fears coming true is the refusal to nourish and bring into being our Highest Will. At the end of our days we will want to claim more than successfully avoiding embarassment or pain. At the end of our days, we want to look back with the knowledge that we really lived and that our lives made a difference.

Wanting to make a difference is a universal human desire. Whether the difference we make is in the life of one of many, the life of the rainforest or the fish in the sea . . . we ALL want to make a difference. This directive is encoded in our very blood alongside the Free Will to choose which difference and how it is made manifest.
Now, more than ever, we must to insist upon and persist in Love. Now we must begin to face our fears and choose love instead. Now, we are even being called to love our fears so we can release their death grip on our lives. We are being supported by all the creative and cosmic forces in the universe! What more can we possibly ask?

Now: What is it you want more than anything right now? Say it out loud! Tell the whole universe! And see if you don't feel your own wings starting to sprout right there under your shoulder blades. Get ready to soar with the angels.

Lets not stand at the ledge all alone looking down at the long, long fall. No! Let's stand together hand in hand, bright-eyed with daring and laughter. Let's count to three and leap into the Void. All of us, Fools for love.

And just when you think you are doomed to crash into the craggy cliffs below, your wings unfurl behind you and you find are lifted by the currents and are soaring! All around you, the sky is filled with other awakened Human Beings who woke up, took a leap of faith and sprouted wings! Behold! How beautiful we are!

Daily Commitments for the Week:
11-10-09. Today, see if you can answer the question, "What is it you really want, right now?"

The answer isn't a mystery. When you are hungry you are compelled to feed yourself. When you are tired, you must sleep. When you feel compassion, you must show that in one way or another. These are all natural and instinctual. So, too is the feeling that arises in the body, from the depths of our Wild Nature, in response to the question, "What is it you really want right now?

Set aside ten to thirty minutes today to write, meditate, talk or otherwise contemplate your answers. The one that excites you . . . that's The One.

11-11-09. Today, tell one person what it is you really want. Who is the person who will be excited for your excitement? Who will unconditionally listen and support the desire arising in you? If you can think of no one, feel free to post your answer in the comments section of this blog.
11-12-09. Today, set aside ten minutes to brainstorm. You've identified your desire. What steps can you takes to move toward that? Let your thoughts go crazy! No censoring or saying mean things to yourself for your ideas. Spend ten minutes just writing down or recording yourself brainstorming.

When you're finished, take a moment to feel the excitement you generated in yourself! Feels better than boredom, cynicism or fear doesn't it? Great!

Now take some long, full, deep breaths. Imagine that with each breath, this excitement is absorbed by your cells--nervous system, bones, blood, organs, skin--into all the places where extra life force can best be used to bring oyu health and vitality.

Set aside your notes from your brainstorming session. We'll come back to them tomorrow.
11-13-09. Today, set aside 10-15 minutes to review your notes from your Brainstorming session. What which of your ideas might be feasible ways to bring you closer to whta it is you want?

Out of that list, which can you commit to today? Make that commitment to yourself and to your Highest Will. Breathe into it. Give it Life with your breath.

Then, tell one person what you plan to do.

Take a step away from apathy and toward your True Purpose which is to be joyous.

11-14-09. This weekend give yourself some time to daydream about your desire. This is a more passive form of brainstorming. Let your mind chatter quiet by breathing in silence and stillness. Then, introduce your desire to your thoughts. Se where thoughts flow. You may want to have a journal on hand. You will want to jot down any notes.

If you find yourself confronted with habitual skepticisim or cycnicism--the thoughts that say, "Why are you wasting your time on this," or" You'll never be able to do that"--simply breathe through. Remind yourself that it is only Fear chittering in your ear. The Truth is that you are Genius-Wild-Divine and your Highest Will is undeniable. Breathe into Love for your Highest Will and Feear will dissipate.

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